(Keeping with the tone of this blog, I’m using movie references here; on the left we got a hybrid and on the right we got a hybrid that was “infected” by a virus…the “P” virus)

(Guest post by Miguel Escobar)

YOU, my PowerPivot fellow, are the result of over 20 years of research for a better human genome.

YOU are also a hybrid.

and most importantly, YOU…are the future of business!

Big words, but let me elaborate! Sonrisa

A hybrid? someone infected that has new powers? What are you really?

Well, first, we need to determine what are the current roles of a normal traditional organization:

(on the left, the business man represented as a Lycan and on the right the BI Professional represented as a vampire)

Depending on how good the BI professional is they could be represented as directly related to the Corvinus descent.

(following the analogy, this is the representation of the BI Pros – here you’ll place guys like Marco, Alberto, Chris Webb and many more)

and most likely you were neither of them in the first place. You were on the side of the business but you were EXTREMELY intrigued by what the BI Pros did; but you noticed that you didn’t have the right toolset to start working on it or that, essentially, you were not into things like MDX because they seemed to be very distant to you. In contrast, Excel seemed extremely familiar to you so you started investing your time on it to deliver the solutions that you needed for your business.

You were sort of the connection between them (the business) and the BI Pros but never really considered something more than a Business User. (maybe in some cases even a Power User Sonrisa)

And then we add a Self-service BI tool to the plate… (The P[owerpivot] virus)

Suddenly, you no longer feel distant to a query language. Suddenly, you start feeling more excited about having a new tool right on your current development area. Something that will come in handy when developing solutions to your business.

(who dropped the P virus in your organization? leave it in the comments below!)

And that’s how it all starts. But after being “infected”, what’s your new role in the whole picture?

You now have the right tools to create a powerful BI solution and also have the knowledge to ask the right questions

As a Lycan = you’re entitled to ask as many questions and all the questions that you need in order to make better business

As a Vampire = you help the Lycans in order for them to reach the answers to the questions they have

but, as a hybrid?

As a hybrid you’re now aware of the capabilities of your whole business, what the business do, how it operates and you also now know how to make the calculations in order to answer the questions that you have thus reaching the insight that you need.

There’s an imminent effect. When you reach this level of hybrid-ness (sorry for making up words here) you’ll start thinking differently… how different?

Well, you’ll start digging more and more into the data and suddenly become aware that there is more to dig for than what you used to actually care about. It’s no longer just going for the questions that we had before but now we have BETTER and more insightful questions. Questions that will make our business grow.


You are something new…a new type of workforce. We, myself included, are not as much into BI as the BI pros as we overlook things like ETL (SSIS for Microsoft) or even the Data Platform and development of custom application (Sharepoint, VS, SSRS, etc). BUT! there’s still room for us to reach that knowledge and grow as the new type of professionals that we are. It’s a type of skills set that will VERY much become important if its not important already in the market.

Just think about it, is it that we’re a hybrid (a new type of BI pro)… or is it that the business user is evolving? Guiño

(completely random picture but it fits the last statement)

7/10/2013 Note: after checking out the Power BI demo by Amir I can reassure you that you’ve made a great investment when taking the task to learn about DAX and Powerpivot =). The future is yours. take it! (starting sometime this summer)