It’s an exciting day at the Collie household.  The one and only Chandoo is on a plane with his family right now, and I’m picking them up at the airport tonight!

For a huge Excel nerd like me, the chance to hang out with this guy over the next couple months is a massive gift.

Multi-Month Skills Swap!

For a long time, I had unconsciously assumed that Excel was a very structured and rigid thing – that all “experts” used in in precisely the same ways.  (At Microsoft, we were exposed disproportionately to the Wall Street crowd, and those folks tended to be rather homogeneous in their discipline).

But when I moved away from Seattle, the first time I sat down with Mr. Excel for lunch here in Ohio, we were immediately “swapping” techniques.  Sentences like “oh wow, I never thought of doing it THAT way!” were common from both of us. 

In recent years I’ve come to expect that as the norm.  Yes, we all do some things similarly.  But we all bring something unique to the mix.  Seriously, everyone reading this has some special angle on things that hasn’t occurred to others.

So the fact that one of the “magicians” of the Excel world is going to be living down the street from me this summer is Fan.  Freaking.  Tastic.  I’m giddy.

A Few Masterclass Openings Remain

I think there are still a few slots open for Chandoo’s Excel classes in Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, and Washington DC, and the PowerPivot course he and I are jointly teaching in Columbus.  Check out the registration page here for details.

“Real” Post Still Coming

I still want to follow through on last Thursday’s post, so stay tuned.