Quick post today, as I am travelling again.  PowerPivot’s version of Tyler Durden Smile

If you installed Data Explorer a couple weeks back, go look at your Data Explorer ribbon tab today:


This “Update” Button “Lit Up” Last Week – Click It Smile
(I already did, so mine is now disabled again)

That will launch you into a surprisingly painless update.  Pretty nifty.

New Features

They added support for a few new data source types:

  1. Azure HDInsight – the MS cloud version of Hadoop
  2. Teradata
  3. PostgreSQL

They also improved the query editing experience.

Full details here:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dataexplorer/archive/2013/03/12/a-new-build-of-data-explorer-and-an-auto-update-feature.aspx

Download it From Scratch

If you haven’t downloaded data explorer yet, you can get it here:


What the Heck is Data Explorer?

Read this quick post from two weeks ago

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  1. Well, this time I’m trying to connect to a SQL 2000 server and I’m getting the error DataSource.Error: Microsoft SQL: Invalid object name ‘sys.databases’.

    So that’s a change, at least 🙂

    1. In case anyone sees this with the same issue, I received a response to my frown, SQL 2005 or higher is required. Not too surprising I guess but a shame it won’t work with our legacy systems.

  2. Great post! If you’d like to try the tool out with an extended selection of datasets, I’d recommend checking out our site: http://www.quandl.com

    We have over 4 million freely accessible datasets that could be pretty fun to pull into Data Explorer.

    Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.

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