Excel MVP's Protesting PowerPivot's Removal

Excel MVP’s in Pivot Protest Shirts – We Pity the MS Employees About to Address Us!
(OK Actually We Really Like the Folks Talking to Us Today –
”ProPlus Voldemoort” Remains Cloaked in Shadow)

Today (Monday) was the first day of the MVP Summit at Microsoft HQ in Redmond WA.  This whole “PowerPivot is missing from retail SKU’s in 2013” issue is of course top of mind for many of us. 

Bill Jelen hit the Microsoft Company Store first thing this morning to score some swag.  What did he find?

imageHe found a shirt, in the Microsoft store, with the simple caption “Pivot.”  You can see me wearing one here at right.

And the shirts, these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL shirts, WERE MARKED DOWN.  Half price.  As if they’d been tossed aside, unwanted.

Bill bought them all.  And brought them back to the Summit to hand them out to the other MVP’s.

The Excel MVP’s were more than happy to wear them.  Solidarity!  Give us back PowerPivot!

I love these people.


But I also love the people who work on the product.  As hinted above, the people responsible for the ProPlus decision are elsewhere.  Higher up.  In the parts of the building protected by razor wire.

(In all honesty I’m really not all that grumpy even with the anonymous decisionmakers behind this.  I’m just absolutely convinced that they have inadvertently acted against their own self interests AND ours.)

Picked up by Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet!


Hey check this out!  We made ZDNet!
(Click image to read article)

And I do mean WE made ZDNet.  Check this out, Eric Hutton and Carsten B’s comments from this blog made it into her article:


Eric and Carsten, take a bow Smile

Not Limited to Excel MVP’s!

Also today, Mark Polino, a bit of a celebrity in MS Dynamics circles, posted this article:


Click to read Mark’s article, and remember…  he’s a Dynamics MVP!

Hilarious.  And true.

Finally, note that Mark is the first person I ever saw wearing one of these Pivot shirts, when he and I first met each other in December:


Me and Mark.  In Happier Times Smile