Sample Data and Supporting Workbooks from the Book

PowerPivot Book Sample Files

“Helpful” and “Not Helpful”

Hey, let’s play a game called “Helpful or Not Helpful.”  First, an example of Helpful:


PowerPivot Book Sample Files
Including a Link in One’s Book So That Readers Can Download
the Files and Examples I Use in the Book:  HELPFUL


And now, an example of not so helpful:

PowerPivot Book Sample Files

Placing that link at the tail end of one’s book, to be discovered long after
those files would have been most helpful:  NOT HELPFUL

If you’ve already read the book, well, I’m sorry that the link did not appear in the FRONT of the book, where it should be – we will correct that in the second printing.

If you’ve not yet read the book, well, you now have the advantage of knowing that the files I use in the book – spreadsheets and data sources – are available for download, so you can follow along on your own.

Even if you never plan to read the book, you still may find these files and examples useful:


[link removed due to 404] Download the workbooks and data sources I use in the book here

Humorous Side Note:  An Example of an Overly-Sticky Paradigm

The reason why I did something so silly is humorous enough that I thought it worth sharing.

Tech books often include a DVD with the book.  It drives up the price of the book (for author and reader alike), which seems a bit silly in the Internet Age, so I went with the download approach.

But when a DVD is included, where does it “appear” in the book?  It is glued to the inside of the back cover:



When the supporting files are on DVD, they are located in the back of the book.

I’ve been trained now for years to expect supporting files to be in the back of a book.  So even as my brain substituted a download link for a physical DVD, the traditional location went unquestioned.

Silly brain Smile