Updated:  First Review is In

Dan English has reviewed the book. [link removed due to 404]

OK, now back to today’s Amazon confusion…

By now several hundred of my closest friends have received an email from Amazon saying that the book is delayed again.  I checked into this with Bill and here’s the story:

  1. There is nothing “correct” about the new date of January 15 – Amazon will ship books before that.
  2. This is just Amazon saying “we don’t know, so we’re going to set a date WAY out there.”
  3. Once the books are processed at their distribution center, they will immediately change the availability date and start shipping.
  4. Clearly the books have not yet arrived at their distribution center, which is the only weird thing here from my perspective.  The books left the printer 10 days ago and MrExcel’.com’s shipping facility in Arizona had them this past weekend.

It’s a frustrating thing for sure – I’ve been in Vegas this week and handing people copies of the book in person, but for some reason the Amazon machine isn’t working yet.


I’ve heard that a few of you decided to switch your order over to MrExcel.com, and I understand that.  Amazon will likely ship in the next few days still though, so if you want to sit tight that makes sense too.

The e-version is already available from MrExcel in all formats too by the way – PDF, Apple, Kindle, and Nook.  Once you complete checkout you need to go to the Downloads Center within his store (a link is included in the confirmation mail) and you will have links there waiting for you.

All ordering options are summarized in this post.

(Real post coming later today, I will write it on the plane back from Vegas.)