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I thought I had seen everything.  I had not.  Chandoo, we bow before you:

Yes, That’s a PivotTable!  Click the Image to View the Post on

(Oh, and I really need to figure out how to make these animated GIF’s.  Damn!)

Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, and creator of the world’s first cloud Power Pivot service, Rob is one of the foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and next-generation spreadsheet technology.

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  1. Concerning animated GIF files: I’d recommend UnFREEz (
    It’s free and simple.
    Step 1: save seprate frames as GIF files
    Step 2: Use the application to combine the individual files

    Another way would be to do a screen capture with one of those tools:
    After that convert the video to single frames using ffmpeg:
    Lastly convert the single frames to a GIF with the tool mentioned first.

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