Yesterday I posted a brief update about the overwhelming success of the Flash Mob experiment.

Amazon updated their rankings about an hour after I posted those pics though, and the book had jumped to #1 in all of Software, vanquishing that laminated card poseur:


Outright #1 in all of Software:  And it Stayed that Way for Several Hours!

I probably enjoyed this next screenshot even more though, the book hit #6 in all of Technology (the parent category to Software):


Let’s See Here…  Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs…  Three Other People…  PowerPivotPro!

Absolutely CRAZY!.

Heartwarming Side Effect

I showed this to my kids (ages 8 and 9) and they said “ooh can you print that out???  We want to take that to school and show our class!”

I’ve never experienced what it’s like, really, to have my kids be proud of me.  I would never have guessed how amazing that feels, but it crashed over me like a wave.

Thank you folks.  Thank you very much.

Curse You, Laminated Card!

Hey that laminated tip card is like the Rasputin of laminated cards.  It was back in the #1 Software slot a few hours later.  You can’t keep a good laminated card down, apparently.

As of the time I am writing this, the book is still #4 in Software and #22 in Technology, which is a pretty freaking amazing “halo effect.”  Thanks to everyone who has continued the pre-order momentum in the last 24 hours, keep the emails coming in and I will keep updating the list of names for inclusion in the book.