Yeah I know, two bonus posts in one week.  This one is a bit more on-topic, but still really just all in fun.

A quick search on “PowerPivot” is one of my favorite tests of search engine “quality.”

Here’s Bing:


Bing Search Results for “PowerPivot”

A fine reference site like PowerPivotPro in position 7 on the first page – that’s a clear sign of High Quality! 🙂  Not bad, Bing. Not bad at all.

Now let’s try the same with Google:



Google Results for “PowerPivot”

Heh heh, PowerPivotPro in position 3!  Bing, you still have some work to do Smile

In all seriousness…

This, of course, is NOT a fair test of search engine quality.  Aside from the (my) obvious vanity in play here, Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and other than Wikipedia (which both engines rank ahead of PowerPivotPro), everything else that PPP “competes” with on page 1 is a Microsoft web site.

It’s perfectly fair for Microsoft to bias their engine toward Microsoft sites. 

Google does it too.  Check out what you get when you Google for “spreadsheet.”


Top Three Google Results for “Spreadsheet”

Google’s #2 and #3 results are essentially ads for Google Docs!  Bah!  Google Docs is a poor excuse for a spreadsheet.  Klingon Excel Warriors know better!

OK, Bing obviously won’t tout Google Docs like this, let’s see what we’ve got.


Top 5 Bing Results for “Spreadsheet”

Oh good grief Microsoft.  You’re kidding me.  Bing returns Google Docs before it returns the granddaddy of all spreadsheets?

I’m gonna request an intervention.  I still have friends on Bing.  We have to get this fixed, just on principle.

Then again, “Excel” has become a noun rather than a brand, just like “Kleenex” means “tissue.”  If you are looking for Excel stuff, you don’t search for “spreadsheet,” you search for “Excel.”  I only use the term “spreadsheet” when I am trying to be politically correct.  So even this weird result on Bing makes sense really – if you use the word “spreadsheet,” you are looking for something other than Excel.

Thank You! Smile

In closing, it’s not lost on me that having this site appear so prominently in search results is thanks to YOU, the readers who decide to spend valuable time in these pages. 

So, thanks everybody.  Sincerely, that feels really, REALLY good. 

Here’s a random story, but it has a point…

I remember the first time I got a new car.  It was a top-end 1998 Honda Accord, with all kinds of options.  I was 24 years old and bought it with a windfall of patent bonuses I had received for orchestrating the filing of about 20 patents for the Windows Installer V1 (yes I was a setup pro before I ever touched Excel, and yes MS paid bonuses to employees who filed lots of patents, even if we weren’t the inventors, because patent filing SUCKS). 

I had been driving a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville up until then, and that thing was a mess.  The headliner was sagging so bad that I had it held in place with thumbtacks – about 30 of them.  Random colors, and randomly scattered overhead like stars.


Like This, But with a LOT More Thumbtacks Smile

On top of that, the old car had been breaking down all the time.  I had been towed, TWICE, by the SAME tow truck driver.  Do you know how embarrassing that is?  (It was also hilarious, but I think embarrassment was the greater emotion).

So imagine how awesome it was to get a new car, for the first time.  It worked!  And it was perfect, not a scratch!  On top of that, it was NICE.  Leather seats, wow!  Way nicer than the Bonneville EVER had been, even in 1989.  I felt like I was driving a Bentley.

For years, every time I walked out to my car, I got a feeling of joy.  That Accord gave me joy every time I laid eyes on it, years after most people have long since been sick of their new car.  That entire body-style of Accord came and went, and I still felt like it was a Bentley.

Punchline:  I feel the SAME way every time I see PPP on page 1 of search results.  It never ceases to feel good, just like that Accord always felt like a Bentley.  Listed right after Wikipedia?  Ahead of many MS sites?  Unbelievable.  I had no idea it would be this well-received when I started in 2009.  This blog is a definite bright spot for me, and I mean that in a “total lifetime” sense.  I’ve made friends all over the world through this, sometimes in hilarious fashion.  Thank you.

Epilogue on the Accord:  Well, there’s no good way to say this, so let’s just get it out there:  I melted it while embroiled in a bitter divorce.  Not on purpose mind you – there was no arson here, and I was the one driving it.  And it was just the engine.  But it was toast.  So I got a CRV.  Great car, but it’s never felt the way that Accord did.

Let’s hope I never melt the blog Smile