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In the voting from the last post, the majority of respondents found the third ranking to be most realistic:


I agree – this is the one that I personally found most consistent with reality.  “The Exorcist” surprises me – I did not expect to see it in the top ten – but it was actually higher in the other two rankings.

Mashup of Movie Grosses with Average Historical Ticket Prices

Data Set #1:  Raw Movie Grosses


Raw Movie Grosses
(Source: – Click Image for Source Data)

Data Set #2:  Average Historical Ticket Prices


Average Historical Ticket Prices
(Source:  BoxOfficeMojo – Click Image for Source Data)

Relate both of these to the Years table:


Related the Two Mashup Sets to My Common “Years” Table
(Yes, I Have Many Data Sets Now)

The Measures

Yes, it’s overkill in this case to use measures.  I could just use a calc column.  In fact I probably should.  But I have a thing for measures, they just feel more “portable” over the long haul.

[US Movie Gross] =
   MAX(MovieGrossesUS[Total Box Office])

[Avg Movie Ticket Price] =
   AVERAGE(MovieTicketPrices[Avg  Price])

[Tickets Sold Approx] =
   [US Movie Gross]/[Avg Movie Ticket Price]

Flattened Pivot

One of my favorite techniques, the flattened pivot!




Turn Off Subtotals

To get a truly flat pivot, you then have to turn off subtotals:


And that yields:


Download the Workbook!

Go ahead and grab the whole thing here: 

(This only contains movies and ticket prices though – none of my other goodies like Inflation etc.)

What were the other two rankings?

They were both based on differing measures of inflation.  If I have time tomorrow, I may do a bonus post.

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