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My 9-Year Old Son Has Never Touched Excel…

No, I’ve never sat my son down in front of Excel.  Does that reflect good parenting or poor parenting?  I can see both sides of that one.

But it doesn’t matter.  Life finds a way doesn’t it?


He put this together to “optimize” his army in his Lego Battles game.  Each row is a series of yes/no properties of each character – does it have each ability or not – and then sums up the count of “yes’s” as a score for each character.  And then decides whether that score is good enough to include in his army based on ranking that score against all other scores:


When I asked him what he was doing, his response was basically “these are my numbers dad, I make them go up.”

Fair and Balanced

For obvious reasons, I can’t do a post about my son without also featuring my daughter.  Whereas he got a picture of his spreadsheet, she gets a picture of her:


Like her dad, she is a huge movie quoter.  She can recite you just about any line from any Star Wars movie.  She is in charge of the daily Star Wars “simulation” at recess on the school playground.  I am very lucky to have these particular young people in my life.

Rob Collie

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  1. Great post…my kids surprise me all of the time. I taught my 10 year old about the Fibonacci series and he built a list on a spreadsheet (no calcs….just hard coded. I had to bite my tongue to not show him the proper formula way…did not want to be dad buzz kill!)

    Anyway – my kids love this math inspired video

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