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April 17 - 19, 2018


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APRIL 17 - 18

Foundations: Power Pivot & Power BI

Instructor: Austin Senseman

Super charge your analytics and reporting skills with Microsoft’s dynamic duo. Designed to handle huge volumes of data, these tools will transform the way you work. Two Days in our class and you are EMPOWERED!


  • Not just the “hard” skills, but also the “soft” stuff (when and why to use it, how to get the best results for your organization, etc.)
  • Learn Microsoft’s secret weapon behind Power Pivot & Power BI: DAX
  • You don’t need to be an IT professional – most of our students come from an Excel background
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston

APRIL 17 - 18

Level Up Series: Advanced DAX

Instructor: Ryan Sullivan

Foundations taught us how to remove repetitive, manual work and make impactful insights. Advanced DAX is about making it rain money by better informing decisions!


  • Taught completely in Power BI Desktop
  • If Foundations is a 101 course, hands-on work experience with DAX is 201, and Advanced DAX is 301.
  • This class will teach you how DAX really works, how to build complex reports that are still digestible, and how to use that information to drive your business.


Level Up Series: Power Query for Excel & Power BI

Instructor: Ryan Bergstrom

Copy-paste? Dragging formulas down? SAME THING EVERY WEEK?… No more. Teach your computer how to build your reports for you. Set and forget!


  • This class will teach you how to connect to all of your data (no matter where it lives), shape it so DAX can run automagically, and have your computer remember the steps so you never have to do it again.
  • You don’t need to be an IT professional – most of our students come from an Excel background
  • Taught simultaneously in Excel and Power BI
PowerPivotPro Training Classes - Houston
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The other day I was working on an updated version of my Team Playcalling report, which, by the way, look FABULOUS with Slicers:

NFL PlayCalling in PowerPivot

Only problem with it was that it was taking 90 seconds to refresh.  Unacceptable.

Howie Dickerman and Marius Dumitru, two of the Superheroes of DAX at Microsoft, pointed out that my measures were using the FILTER function in places that were not necessary.

For instance:

  [New Measure] = [Original Measure] ( 

Can be rewritten without the FILTER function:

  [New Measure] = [Original Measure] ( 

When I switched over to using those expressions directly, rather than the FILTER function, my 90 second refresh time dropped to about 3 seconds.

That’s a pretty significant boost in DAX measure performance from a very simple change.

Why so much faster?

The explanation from Howie made a lot of sense.  When the PowerPivot engine is evaluating a measure, it already has to take filter context from the pivot itself – row fields, slicer selections, etc.

And since that’s pretty much the #1 use case for the engine, well, applying filter context to a measure is highly optimized and fast.

So it’s not a big deal for the engine to inject another filter like I have specified in the rewritten example – it gets treated much the same as if that filter came from the pivot, as if a slicer had been set to PlayType=”Pass”

But the FILTER function, on the other hand…  well, it creates a brand-new table in memory.  I know my example just filters by one column, but the FILTER function can do some pretty amazing things, dynamically responding to current context.

Because of that power, the FILTER function must either create or update that dynamic table for every cell in the pivot where FILTER is used.  I have 256 cells in this particular pivot (32 teams times 8 measures), and originally all of them used FILTER.  But given that some of my measures are based on other measures that aren’t displayed in the pivot, my actual cell count was even higher.

Now imagine what would happen in a pivot with 5,000 rows 🙂

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Rob Collie

One of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his 14-year career at Microsoft, and creator of the world’s first cloud Power Pivot service, Rob is one of the foremost authorities on self-service business intelligence and next-generation spreadsheet technology. 

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