Royale with Cheese

“You know the funny thing about Europe?  It’s the little differences.  I mean, they got the same shit we got here…  just a LITTLE different.”

-Vincent Vega

Greetings from Stockholm!  This place…  I never want to leave.

Many firsts have been recorded here.  My first-ever presentation to a large audience outside the states.  First time having dinner in a restaurant straight out of a 1930’s Hollywood movie.  First time seeing an American guy, a British guy, a Japanese guy, and a Norwegian guy all get tossed out of a hotel bar for being drunk.  First time getting half-trapped by a blizzard in a foreign country.

…and oh yeah, my first time having a mandatory, cannot-postpone-it Windows Update pop up near the end of a presentation and occupy my demo laptop for a full hour.

You can’t make this stuff up.

I have to hand it to Marcus Gullberg and company from MS Sweden though, as well as Johan Åhlén and the entire Swedish SQL Server Users group.  The former for their quick improvisation – finding an Amir Netz video of the SharePoint stuff I was unable to show, and the latter for their patience and excellence questions while we figured it out.  It ended up being pretty funny, actually.

Their loss yesterday is now your gain – as a make-up, I recorded a video of the stuff I couldn’t show yesterday, and posted it to YouTube.

(This also marks my first-ever recording in another country).


Oh, and you know what they call a Quarter Pounder, in Sweden?

A quarter pounder.

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