I love this story, had to share.  Short story, sports fans use BI to keep track of the stats, and sweet vengeance ensues. Apparently, Kansas City Chiefs fans noticed that Larry Johnson was just 75 yards short of passing Priest Holmes for the Chiefs’ all-time record for most career rushing yards.

Larry Johnson is quite simply, not a nice guy.  His record off off-field violence and remarks has endeared him to exactly no one.  And Priest Holmes was a class act that everyone loved, forced to retire early by a spinal condition.

So Chiefs fans started an online petition, requesting that the Chiefs intentionally bench Johnson, arguably their best player, so that he could not break Holmes’ record and forever be remembered as a Chiefs “great.”

Today, the Chiefs went one better and simply cut Johnson from the team.  As in, go away and don’t come back.  Just an incredible story really, both about the fans and the team’s management.


At least one meaty Power Pivot post coming later today.  I have a special guest lined up 🙂