(I’m working on several meaty videos at the moment and you should expect a lot of content to show up in the next few days.  In the meantime I’m gonna post a few quick-hitters to keep things fresh).

I get this question a lot:  “Wow, this PowerPivot stuff is hot, but it’s gonna be forever before I can get my company/customers to upgrade to Office 2010 – they just now finished rolling out 2007!”

Fear not.

Yes, the Excel power users that are designated as PowerPivot authors – they need Excel 2010.  But no one else does.  And even those Excel power users can install 2010 side by side with the corporate standard version of Office.

SharePoint 2010, of course, is required on the server, and typically, servers are faster to upgrade than desktops…  by a lot.  But even on the server, you don’t have to upgrade the entire SharePoint universe – as the Bing case study showed, you can deploy your own departmental PowerPivot server with ease.  (In Darinee’s case, it’s under her desk).